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Quotex Trading is the Best Platform in 2021 that provides various types of world currency trading and is an Innovative Investment Trading Platform today. We provide some education about trading on quotex. Here we share with you about some Education which you can see below.

📢 Keeping a trading journal helps hone your skills as a trader

To know the secret to success, every trader wants the answer. Every successful trader knows that there are no special tricks or secrets to trading.

A trading journal is a valuable resource that helps you get better at trading. Trading facts are recorded in the Trading History, which effectively serves as a diary of that transaction.

While market conditions, trade size, expiration time, price, whether or not you succeed, and your emotions are all fair, make sure you keep your copy private and sincere. Your journal entries should be personal and adapted to your trading style.

Keeping a journal at first seems like a time-consuming and tedious task. Whether you agree or disagree with this statement, recording your trades helps teach consistency and discipline, both of which have the potential to benefit you in the long run. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of a trading journal.

Determine emerging trends and patterns

Records are effective in assessing which trading strategies are effective, and which strategies need revision. Keep records on Charts, patterns and events that affect your trading.

You’ll realize it’s a mistake that costs you money with time. For example, you may exit a trade too early, you may misconfigure stops and limits, or you may succumb to false signals. If you write something down, you will avoid making the same mistake again.

If you plan to trade, then you should keep a trading journal.

Fasten your trading methods

A better understanding of strengths and weaknesses comes from keeping detailed trading records. The act of noting how you feel is a good idea because it allows you to determine whether you are making decisions that are driven by your emotions and negatively impact your skills.

A trading journal serves as a useful tool for you to better understand your strengths and areas of growth as a trader.

Use a trading journal to analyze past trading activity and develop future trading strategies.

Monitor Your Progress

Improving your trading experience increases the difficulty of keeping perspective on your progress. To remember what you want to achieve, writing down your goals helps.

When you look back on where you started and see how far you’ve come, it inspires you. A trading journal keeps you informed of your progress as a trader, which gives you the confidence you need to be successful.

There are many benefits to keeping a trading journal, but they don’t even come close to telling the full story. The burden of writing journal entries doesn’t have to be heavy.

You can create a platform to trade in any shape or form, as long as you don’t overlook key details that are important to your trading strategy. Do you feel inspired? The best time to start keeping a trading journal is now; use this to track everything you do.

📢 How do you know if QUOTEX is a good trading platform?

For many new traders, the main question they have is, “Is the platform I want to trade on a scam? In fact, many digital options platforms are out to take your money. Some will last for months or years before closing shop. Those who are completely legitimate will offer excellent service and, freely provide the information to third party websites.

Doing research on these third party sites will help you find answers to questions such as; Where does QUOTEX get the price from? Will QUOTEX close? And many others.

Lucky for you, I have carried out the investigation on your behalf. Read on to find out if QUOTEX is a platform scam or not. In other words. Can you trust QUOTEX ?


QUOTEX has approximately 1,732,794 unique visitors per day. It also has 2,044,697 page views which means every visitor checks at least 1 page on the site. It should be noted that these statistics are not static. They will change every day.

If options trading is prohibited in your country, can you still trade on QUOTEX?

Many traders will try to play the system by using technology like VPN to trade options if they are banned in their country. I would recommend trading other financial instruments such as CFDs and forex. Remember QUOTEX has hundreds of different assets you can trade and you only need to make a small amount of money.

What would happen if all traders in a forbidden country withdrew their money at the same time?

Being a regulated broker, QUOTEX is expected to separate traders’ money from their own. This means the withdrawal request file will be processed even if all other traders in your country place a withdrawal request.

However this does not mean that QUOTEX will most likely collapse if such an event occurs. Due to the reputation they have built, it is likely that new traders will join the platform.


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