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Quotex Trade provide its own luck for investors from all over the world. By following the Quotex Tutorial of our Trading Signal Quotex by following our Telegram Group Quotex

This time we want to share tips for traders, especially beginners to understand and understand better.

๐Ÿ“ข Tips for playing Quotex Trading

  • Take advantage of the demo account

The demo account here aims to simulate for us to get used to playing well & correct. Many tricks on youtube & the internet that we can learn to minimize losses.

  • Learn to find Trend Direction

The main thing to pay attention to when playing Quotex is not to rush, especially when the line is going up and down. There are many tricks that we can use, such as the M10 or M15 frame as a reference for the direction of the trend in Quotex, then use the M1 or M5 time frame to execute it so that we can choose up or down.

  • Calculate Capital & Loss

If the capital we have runs out or is little, we need to calculate so as not to lose & can play repeatedly. Therefore, as a novice trader, do not take into account capital and losses and profits.

๐Ÿ“ข If traders are still confused after reading the tips here, traders don’t need to worry.

  • We don’t just provide education and tips with an article, and really guide you to achieve success in trading.
  • We have a telegram group where the group provides direct education, gives signals, conducts market analysis together and conducts joint trading activities.
๐Ÿ“ข What is Market Analysis and Trading together?

Of course, there are lots of mentors out there who only provide education in written form so it may be difficult for traders to understand directly, but here with market analysis, traders are likely to quickly understand how to trade on QUOTEX.

  • Market analysis is an activity to analyze price movements of the market on QUOTEX, in which direction the market price will go up or down, and this we do in the telegram group directly, so with the market analysis we will be able to determine where the market price is going, so that we are confident in executing open positions.
  • Joint trading is a joint trading activity which means that traders do not trade alone but together with other traders in the group, and also within the group there is a mentor who will give signals and notify traders when executing. trading together is perfect for beginner traders who are still confused if they want to start playing.

Here is the telegram link that we provide for traders Click to Our Grup Telegram


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